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3 Proven Tips For Effective Virtual Meetings

By Team CounterPath

Virtual meetings have gained popularityGone are the days when executives had to fly over from across the world only to huddle inside an expensive-looking boardroom to discuss important company strategies.

A new era of connecting through virtual meeting rooms has been ushered in. Virtual meetings are the most inexpensive way to connect and get people talking quickly and efficiently. Using video, audio or messaging to connect online, virtual meetings allow people to share information and data in real time, without being physically present in the same location. A few years ago, virtual meetings were still gaining their ground in the business world. But as remote working has become more common, the adoption of voice and video calling tools is essential for enterprises.

Virtual meetings are great not only for the distributed workforce to collaborate across geographies and time zones, but they can also serve as a cost-effective tool to conduct virtual events including webinars, training and conferences. But like any other meeting, you need to have a good strategy to run successful virtual meetings. Here are a few tips:

1. Create and hone your agenda

Send out meeting agendas in advanceWe have all been in meetings where we discussed everything in detail, except the actual topic that was the purpose of the meeting. When it comes to a virtual environment, it’s even more important that we eliminate any confusion and set clear goals for meeting outcomes. Sending an email detailing the meeting topics, along with the collaboration link (perhaps in the meeting invite), can ensure that everyone is on the same page before they join the meeting. 

2. Double-check the tech

Ensure that your video conferencing technology is working perfectlyEver faced the dreaded situation where you repeatedly say, “did we lose him?” or “I am having trouble hearing you”? Shoddy connections or unreliable technology can often mess up virtual meetings and can lead to frustration or attendees rapidly losing their focus. Ensure that your video conferencing technology is of the highest standard. Offering HD video and high quality audio allows you to effortlessly switch between screen sharing, video or messaging for best results.

Join the conference room in advance to check that everything in the setup works without any hurdles. Having the tools checked in advance is a smart way to collaborate digitally and often makes remote meetings more productive and efficient.

3. Choose the best team collaboration software

Choose the best of virtual meetings softwareVirtual meetings offer endless possibilities – from conversing on a singular topic in chatrooms to sharing important files, links or online documents in real time via the G Suite or Office 365. You can also ask questions via direct messaging without interrupting the presenter. But to hold seamless meetings, you need powerful video conferencing software. Use a robust video conferencing tool that helps you conduct a successful collaboration session from start to finish. From escalating a chat to a call, or joining a meeting session with a simple click, where you won’t need any pin codes, conference IDs or passwords; opting for reliable video conferencing tools is a must if you want to run virtual meetings efficiently.

Bria Teams is a robust team collaboration solution that streamlines all communications into one app. Offering messaging, presence, screen sharing, video and voice calling and virtual meeting rooms in the Pro version, Bria Teams is your guide to seamless communication. Check out our recent blog for a complete guide to virtual meeting rooms

In short, remote meetings are more productive when conducted with the right techniques and tools. Ace your virtual meetings by being clear, prepared and armed with the best video conferencing tools available, to help you achieve your goals faster.  

Enjoy the Bria Teams Pro virtual meetings experience

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