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Bria for BlackBerry Gets Juicier

October 2, 2013


Have you sunk your teeth into our Bria BlackBerry Edition app yet, or were you waiting for support on your Q10 or Q5 device? Well the wait is over! With the release of Bria BlackBerry Edition 1.2, Q10 and Q5 users can now experience CounterPath’s *designed for BlackBerry* VoIP softphone client with an optimized user […]

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X-Lite Reinstates Popular Features

March 11, 2013

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Based on feedback from our X-Lite end users, CounterPath has decided to reinstate the X-Lite 4 feature set, including features such as SIP-based Instant Messaging and Presence. We have also listened to users who requested that we decouple X-Lite from our SoftPhone.com community, which we have now done. We are therefore pleased to announce the […]

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Carrier Grade: RANCID

September 26, 2011


Generally the word rancid doesn’t impart an idea of good things. The RANCID we’re talking about certainly doesn’t match the definition of the word. For those amongst us who appreciated a nicely manufactured acronym, Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ (RANCID), rates quite high on the creativity scale. For those running networks of any size […]

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How to Get VoIPing on your iPhone or iPad in 5 Easy Steps

August 18, 2011

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You’ve heard about the advantages of using a VoIP service to make calls – it’s cheaper, cooler, and hey, did we mention cheaper? – but it always seemed like such a complicated process, right? Well, not anymore. Now you can get on the VoIPing wagon in 5 quick and painless steps – even if you […]

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HTML5: A Convergence in the SIP Force?

April 21, 2011


In Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn tells the Jedi council that he has discovered a convergence in the force, but sorry Master Windu, it is not around a person but around HTML5. For those not in the know about HTML5, it is the next version of the Hypertext Markup Language which is the foundation for the […]

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